Note to Client causes Firefox to 'not respond'

I’m not sure when this started (I haven’t had to add a note to a client on quotes or invoices for several weeks), I’m not sure if it was a problem just since upgrading to or if some server config changed since then.

On either an invoice or a quote, when I click in the ‘note to client’ area, it causes Firefox to lock up and report ‘Not Responding’.

I’ve tested and this appears only to happen in Firefox (46.0.1). Chrome seems to work fine.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has seen this type of thing happen before.

(I’m using self-hosted version).

Well, after trying to identify what Firefox plugin or setting might be causing this I could find none.
However, doing a refresh of Firefox seems to have resolved the issue.

If anyone else sees this it is apparently a local browser issue and should be able to be fixed with a Firefox Refresh process. (Just be sure to write down the extensions you have installed before you refresh).

Thanks for the info!