Not Receiving Stock Notifications

Hi all,
Recently I noticed I am not getting notifications about inventory thresholds. I am not sure if the recent update I did broken something, or if the issue was present before that. Emails are sending out just fine to me, as well as my clients, however, I am not getting notified if an item falls below the set stock level.

Under user details → Notifications I have them set to enabled, and under Product settings → Stock notifications I have it enabled there as well. The only thing in the log is the following:

[2023-03-14 23:30:02] production.INFO: updating currencies
[2023-03-15 06:20:02] production.INFO: Performing Autobilling 2023-03-15 06:20:02

I have tried clearing cache, but that doesnt seem to help. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!


@david any ideas?

Just to confirm, you’ve set both of these on, and also defined a notification threshold (global) or individually at each product?

@david Below are screenshots of my settings. I have the global threshold as 1, but I did manually set this item to test with, and no change. Thanks.

@david I find that if I enable all notifications above I start receiving inventory threshold notifications, but if I change it to how I have in my above screen shot, they stop.
As soon as I select anything other than all enabled, stock alerts stop coming through, but anything else selected continues to email me.


I see the issue here, we’ll get a fix in the next release for this.