Not receiving mail with JSON export file

After lots of problems with ‘pdf update’ and ‘saving settings’ i decided to start from scratch.
I installed a new instance of IN5.
Now i want to export a JSON file from my old one and import t the new one…
First i get some popups with “429: Too many requests”.
After a few times i get the popup with “receive a downloadlink when ready.”

I tried first with using the same db, but get error on payment settings.

I don’t receive any mail… is there another way to get the JSON file? or another option to use?



It may be better to use mysqldump to transfer the database.

Is email working in the app/are you able to email an invoice?

Hi Hillel…

I don’t know?

  • get always “500: Unable to generate the raw PDF” in the old version…
    It’s completely messed up.

I tried also with a dump od the db, but get error on something about payment settings.

What specific error are you seeing using mysqldump?

Are you able to send emails in the app?


I have a fix for this particular issue in v5.5.45

Hi Hillel,

I made an export of the db from the corrupt Invoice Ninja version.
I imported the db into the new db (complete new install).
I get same Error 500 server error.


Are there details about the 500 error in storage/logs?

Hi Hillel…

Nothing in the log…
I thinks it’s in the db… with the installed db i don’t have a problem…
Is there another way… i don’t know what to do anymore?


Have you checked both the web server error log and the application logs in storage/logs?

Hi Hillel,

Yes, nothing in the log…
I’m gonna setup a new instance of NI5 and retype complete all my data into the new one…

Hell of a job, but i have to go further… :wink:
But anyway, thank for your help.