Not receiving alerts (sent, viewed etc)

Hey all!

Hopefully someone a help me with this… I recently installed v5 and at the beginning I had problems with the email sending but figured out that the .env had to be edited with my site info… now emails work when sending an invoice… HOWEVER… although O have all alerts enabled to receive an email confirmation when an invoice is sent, viewed etc… I do not receive those alerts at all… what could be the issue?

BTW… I have the paid white label version.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



@david any thoughts to debug this?

Are there any messages / errorsin the activity or system logs tab on the dashboard page.

Hey guys, thanks for your response… no, no errors and nothing in the system logs… everything works fine besides the alerts… I send the invoice via email successfully but never receive a sent, viewed alert. Alerts are enabled…

Could it be because my smtp is set as ssl with a port as 465? I see on all forum posts regarding the email settings they have port set to 587 (unsecured) which is what I do not want to do.

Update:… ok, so now I am receiving the sent alerts however I still do not receive the viewed, late, payments alerts.