Not Changing to new default design

Over the weekend, I made modifications to my templates for offers and invoices due to a redesign of my brand. However, when attempting to create a new offer for existing clients, the system continues to automatically apply the old designs. Consequently, I find myself needing to adjust them each time, leading to a recurring issue. I am using Invoice Ninja Version 5.8.16 within a Docker container on Ubuntu.


Are you referring to standard or recurring invoices? If recurring you may need to update the invoices with the new design.

@david it looks like the “Update all records” option when changing a design updates standard invoices but not recurring, I think it would be good to include them.

Thank you for the quick response. Currently, it applies to both types of invoices, standard and recurring. However, I just noticed that there is an update available. I will restart the Docker containers; perhaps something got stuck while updating the data blocks.