Non admin-users can't open added 3rd party-pdfs in expenses.


Using Invoice Ninja v4.5.5 self-hosted. Never had issues before but since the recent update (maybe a coincidence) any added user can’t open 3rd party pdfs added to expenses unless I make them administrator. If they are not an admin, no matter which rights they are given in the Invoice Ninja settings (user management), they can’t see the pdf. All attempts of a user trying to open an added pdf redirects them to the dashboard instead.

Can anybody confirm? Any ideas on how to resolve?
Php and ISS logs show no failures, don’t see anything odd in the laravel-error.log.


We’ve seen some permissions issues in the latest release, they should be resolved in the next release.

Thank you Hillel Coren. Are there permissions I can manually check? Which files should be set to which permission? My accountant needs access to these pdfs.

Setting the user as an admin many help.

Indeed it would. I would like to manually fix the root of the problem though. I don’t want to make users administrators just so they can open a pdf.

In case nothing can be done: what is your estimated release date for this next release?

In about 1 to 2 weeks

Hi, could someone clarify if this problem has been solved with the 4.5.6 version ?
Thanks !

Hi, I’d love to hear about this as well. Checking the 6 included commits I don’t feel hopeful though:

Sorry for the trouble! Version v4.6 will have additional fixes for the permissions issues.

Thank you for the feedback! Could you also maybe provide us with an estimate on the release date? Just so I know when to start looking for the new version :wink:

Hopefully within about a month

@codefairies : I just updated to 4.5.7 and all seems to be working again.

Thanks ! Works indeed