No Recurring - No Support (hosted)

I have been having problems with recurring invoices not auto-billing clients for several months now. I’ve followed all the tips I could find and created new recurring invoices and nothing seems to make it work.

Additionally over a month ago I contacted support via email and got a couple responses back but now it’s been almost a month with no responses to any of my replies.

My clients are getting frustrated that they have to manually pay each month.

And I’m getting frustrated that I’m getting automatically billed by InvoiceNinja each month for a hosted solution that doesn’t work.

Is InvoiceNinja this bad with service? If so WHY am I paying to host it on their servers? I’m definitely NOT paying for support.

Anyone else have similar problems?


Sorry if we missed one of your emails, please resend it and we’ll reply.

I did reply. I’ve replied several times to the original thread (to the
I sent a reply yesterday (3/17) and just now (3/18).

What is the subject of the email?

Re: Customer Message [2CE] Feb 18th, 1:13am

OK … so I get a response saying that my emails were filtered, and then a follow-up email, but then nothing again for 10 days.

HINT - if an email was filtered from a paying client maybe you should whitelist the email (or at least tell the client WHY the email was filtered).

And in the response you ask questions that were already answered.

Now it’s been 10 more days without a solution.

This is getting to be a joke of a support system … and an invoice system that isn’t provided stated functioinality.

PLEASE do whatever you need to make sure that you can get this issue resolved AND give me some sort of discount on the fee I’m paying you for software/service that hasn’t been providing the stated functionality (or support service) for months!