No PDF attached if client profile language is not English

I tried adding $invoiceToLabel to a custom design but wasn’t able to reproduce the problem, maybe there’s another setting involved?

I’m able to replicate the problem with the template language, the problem appears to be on /settings/templates_and_reminders. You should be able to fix it by clicking ‘Reset’ for each of the reminder templates and then saving the settings.

You both added $invoiceToLabel AND set the client language as French (and currency as Euro, but not sure it matters), and the invoice sent fine, attached to the email? And you tried with the built in “Bold” template? Hm, if so that is odd because it does not work for me with that label.

As for the template stuff, thanks! I will give it a try.

Template stuff worked like a charm, thanks! So the only mystery left is why $invoiceToLabel with the ‘Bold’ template and French client don’t work for me… (although since I have a workaround by using another label, I am not too bothered at this point)

Thanks for the update!