No option for Custom Javascript

According to the documentation ( the self-hosted version should have an option for Custom Javascript for the portal.

I don’t have that option, just custom CSS. Is custom Javascript no longer an option?

I think the feature may just be on the develop branch of the self host version.

Documentation failure.

Looks like this didn’t make it into 4.5.13, will it be included in a future update?

Or is there some other place I can drop my JavaScript? I want to add our live chat to the portal.

We’re currently focused on v2, we aren’t adding any features to v1.

You should be able to manually add the code you just need to re-add it after updating.

You’d probably want to add it to: resources/views/public/header.blade.php

Thanks, Hillel, that workaround worked a treat and will suffice for now.

Looking forward to 2.0!