No longer remembering last reminder position

Something seems to have changed in one of the recent updates relating to reminder emails.

Invoice ninja used to remember the last reminder I sent so the next time I went to send one, it would automatically select the next one.

For example, if I sent “First Reminder”, then the next time I clicked “Send Email” to send another reminder, it would automatically select “Second Reminder”.

Everytime I go to send a reminder now, it’s just defaulted back to “First Reminder” so I can’t recall whether I’ve sent a First, Second or Third reminder anymore.

Did something change and/or is this a new bug?

@david @hillel

mmm nothing has changed around this part of the code for some time.

Bulk emailing will check the type of email to send depending if it is in one of the reminder windows. if it isn’t in a reminder window then the standard invoice template will send.

We are working on giving the option to select the desired template when bulk emailing in an upcoming release.

Any idea why it’s not behaving the same way as described?

In my case here this is only a single invoice and not bulk sending.

I only noticed this changed recently for some reason.

I suggest adding the last sent reminder dates to the invoice table to see if the values are correctly set. This is how the app determines which email template to pre-select.