No Invoices created

Local installation, I Made invoices some days ago, Now I have sent them by email. In the confirmation mail I received there was a link to the invoice

In the dasboard link is the same.
But the folder does not exists on my server, so I cannot open the invoice.

I also am not able to make new invoices, they are not saved.

No errors in the PHP error log

After sending the mail there was also an error, because the folder does not exist.

Can it be because I updated to PHP 7.4?

Version of invoice Ninja is 4.5.21, whitelabeled


v4 does not support PHP 7.4, you need to downgrade to to PHP 7.3.

These are virtual PHP routes, you won’t see matching files/folders.

Ok , I downgraded to PHP 7.2, because that is what the doc says about PHP version.
Now it is working again.
Thank you for the quick support.

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