ninja v4.5.17 shrink the install down to


I need to use invoice ninja to invoice my clients, I would be using paypal and stripe.

The web host I use unfortunately only has 500mb space. I tried to use invoice ninja but it didn’t work because the install requires close to the limit of the web host.

I was wondering what elements of the install can I exclude from the upload?

Am I right in thinking that I can simply upload all but the stripe folder from the vendors folder?

Are there any other bits I can exclude to limit the web host disk usage?

You should be able to remove the fonts other than Roboto here:

Hi Hillel

Thank you for the suggestion with the font.

I noticed on github that it doesn’t have the vendors folder? What is the vendors folder for? Is it essential for invoiceninja?

Not sure how much your web host is charging you, but using starts at $10/month and they take care of everything for you, freeing you up to just get work done with it.

Alternatively, if you definitely want to self-host, you can get a VPS from any number of providers for about the same price. Most include 20gb of storage and 1gb of RAM as standard. And since it’s a full VM instead of just a folder assigned to you, you have complete access to install/change whatever you like.

The vendors folder has the code for the third-party libraries we use, it’s very much needed.