Newbie having problems installing in Truenas Scale

Hi! Truenas Scale newbie here. I am trying to install Invoice Ninja. Since Invoice Ninja isn’t a app you can find in the Truenas Scale app repositories you need to do a “custom install” and apparently this is beyond me at the moment. It’s not working and I guess it is because I don’t know how the setup the prerequisites mentioned here: Docker

My question: Does anyone know of a step-by-step guide to installing InvoiceNinja on Truenas Scale?

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Sorry, I’m not aware of a guide for Truenas Scale.

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Hey! did you figure it out? im having the same problem, me and a group of 10 people, it seems like no one can understand how to do it XD

Hi! No, I didn’t. To be fair, I haven’t tried. My requirements changed and InvoiceNinja was no longer a viable option, so I have moved on.