New User have some questions

Hi I am new user, and have couple of questions:

  1. I usually Bill my clients by the end of the month, is there a way to avoid generating the invoice number while in draft mode?

  2. I usually sell services(predefined duration services), not producs, I just searched the forum and I know services mode is not supported yet, but my question is, is there a way, I can add line description to each product in the the invoice, instead of the product description (Each time I change the description in the invoice it will change the original description of the product).

  3. Is it ok to keep using the products as services?


  1. What you could possibly do is go into Invoice Settings > Quote, and uncheck "Share invoice counter." Then just create a new quote and convert it to an invoice at billing time.
  2. That's not supported, as far as I know (the developers could tell you more). What I normally do is have a set of generic, pre-formatted product descriptions for services, then replace with the specifics when necessary.
  3. All of my "products" are just fixed-price services. For hourly services, I just have the product priced as "per hour" in the description so I know to add in however many hours that particular invoice needs. It hasn't caused any issues for me yet. YMMV, obviously.

Thanks, i have already unchecked this option in the initial setup. Appreciate your quick reply.