New to Invoice Ninja Please Help

Hello everyone, Have nice day
I just installed Invoice Ninja in my Server ( Self Hosted )
I want to use the invoice template design

But looks like Must use it with non Selfhosted ( Pro or Enterprise ) only ??


Are you seeing a specific error? All pro/enterprise features are included with the selfhost app.

I am asking , I am self hosted Invoice ninja
If I buy Annual White Label License then can I use invoice template ready designs from this link
Invoice & Quotation Template Designs | Invoice Ninja

You should already have those designs in the app.

The white label license removes the app branding but doesn’t add any features.

you mean that small INVOICE NINJA logo in black under the invoice , right ??

That is correct, it will also remove the branding from the client portal and emails.

yes this great I will buy it now

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Awesome, thanks for the support!

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