New Ticket Module!! Beta testers please!

We’ve just merged the new Ticket Module into the develop branch on Github. We’d really appreciate some feedback. I am writing up some documentation now, however for those that are keen to get started, please clone the repo and give it a test drive.

We rely on PostMark ( for the transactional emails. They have a free trial to get started with. Once you have configured your email processing server, you’ll need to set the inbound webhook to:


The only other important setup requirement is to configure your local_part of your support domain… ie SUPPORT@YOUR_URL

Once this has been done you can start processing inbound tickets!

Hi David,

I would be very interested in using the ticket module and migrate off my existing solution for better integration into InvoiceNinja. I haven’t gotten around to testing yet but here’s a few questions.
I’m a self hosted user with a white label license. Is there any way around postmark? Unfortunately being an IT-Professional operating within the EU, using a service like postmark is a complete non-starter for me.
Is there a tighter integration into the time accounting feature planned? Unless I missed something in your videos there wasn’t really anything about time accounting. It would be VERY nice if tickets would show up as tasks or if tickets even had an integration into the desktop time accounting app.

May I also suggest that you provide automated docker builds with a “develop” tag. This would allow people to test things much quicker.

I’ll test and give feedback sometime this week :slight_smile:

Best Regards

I’ve installed the developer version and I get following error message when creating a ticket:

Trying to get property ‘contact_key’ of non-object

in CreateTicketRequest.php line 56
at HandleExceptions->handleError(8, ‘Trying to get property ‘contact_key’ of non-object’, ‘/home/flexinvoice/domains/’, 56, array(‘data’ => array(‘data’ => ‘{“due_date”:“2018-11-27 11:12:00”,“priority_id”:1,“agent_id”:4,“is_internal”:false,“subject”:"",“description”:"",“client_public_id”:2,“parent_ticket_id”:null,“private_notes”:""}’, ‘category_id’ => ‘1’, ‘status_id’ => ‘1’, ‘subject’ => ‘cffd’, ‘description’ => ‘fssdfsd’, ‘client_public_id’ => ‘2’, ‘agent_id’ => ‘4’, ‘priority_id’ => ‘10’, ‘due_date’ => ‘2018-11-27 11:12:00’, ‘is_internal’ => ‘0’, ‘parent_ticket_id’ => ‘’, ‘private_notes’ => ‘’, ‘_token’ => ‘SdYzUxjW7fKZ74FmEyRbhNpbOtgAckZZ6AuNNpAi’), ‘client’ => object(Client), ‘contact’ => false))
in CreateTicketRequest.php line 56

FOund the issue. Is because no templates were defined

Sorry to revive an old ticket but I was wondering if tickets are coming to the hosted users?

seeing the status of how it works now i would say no. Its far from finished. Im eager to use it, but theres allot of things to do before it can be considered. it is really still a develop version.

Where can we add problems etc because im running the develop version just to use the ticket system.

Hi @DavidBomba, where is this module ?

Its in the dev package on git.

Thanks but in which git : invoiceninja ?

yes. the develop branch instead of the master branch