New Problem with customer statement

The customer statement produced has 2 errors, both on the statement date:

  1. it does not follow the format set under settings-localization-date format
  2. the date is completely incorrect, currently showing 2022-06-30 when it should be 04/11/2022

Other dates on the invoice are the correct format and date. Is there any way to edit this statement pdf the way we can edit the invoice design? or at least correct the incorrect date and format?

Please advise.

EDIT: the statement referenced above is viewed through the admin area under client name -view statement

The statement viewed through the client portal is different - it has the correct date, incorrect localization format, and lacks the payments and total amount paid listed on the admin statement above

Thank you in advance


  1. @david any thoughts?
  2. Which date range do you have selected?

No date range, just selecting the 3 dots near the client name on the client list then choosing “view Statement”

On the view statement page there is a date ranger selector at the top of the screen, the date on the statement shows the end of the default date range.

“this quarter” is selected by default

last 7 days shows the correct date, but the incorrect localization format
seems like each selection has different dates shown


I’m looking into this now, i am comparing the statements side by side and I don’t see any differences between those generated between the client portal and admin portal.

Also, the dates are localized for me the same as the settings on Settings > Localization

Here are some screenshots taken right now:


Ahh, the statement date, i’ll check this out.

Client portal appears to be fixed in latest update, thank you.

Admin area localization is now matching,
BUT the date itself is still wrong showing 6/30/2022 instead of the current date (4/27/2022)

Thank you again.

As of the latest update, everything but the admin area view client statement date is working.
The localization is now correct, but still shows 6/30 instead of the current date (5/10 now)

Thank you for your efforts!


Thanks for reporting. Fixed in the next release.

I updated and went to check the client list-menu-show statement and now receive this error:

After update, I’m now unable to view statements for any clients, they all throw this error now!

Also 500 error through the customer portal as well!

Please advise,
Thank you!


I’ve tagged 5.3.88 with a fix for this.

Thank you David. Hope it’s soon, as we allow customers to pay over time the main method of them viewing their balance is with the customer statements.

Thank you again!

Thank you for the effort. This appears to be fixed, and the date is now localized, however it seems to be 1 day ahead. I believe my server is only a few hours different from my location. Could the program be displaying the statement date one day ahead?

@david any thoughts?


Is your server set to UTC +0

I don’t think so. When I run “date” from the terminal it shows the proper/same date for where I am. When I run the client statement from Invoice Ninja, it shows the next day.
Please advise.


Usually server configurations assume that the server is configured at +0 UTC, so i think this may be the issue you are seeing as setting it to a different value would change the calcuations.

You may be able to work around this by editing the config/app.php file and setting

    'timezone' => 'UTC',

To the server timezone.

I will look into this.
If this is the case, then why would all the other dates (payments, invoices, etc) match correctly? Why is only the statement run date one day ahead?

Update: editing the config/app.php file for the timezone does indeed seem to correct the statement date being one day ahead. I assume we will loose this setting with each update of the software, yes? If so, is it possible to set that config to default to the server timezone?