New Mobile App - Logging in to Self Host


Could you provide, or point me to some instructions as to how you log in via the new app (Android in this case) to a self hosted IN?

The mobile app presents me with a “Email” and “Password” login, which I presume is not for my locally running Invoice Ninja, and I don’t see a way of specifying a URL. I’ve previously set the API_SECRET.

Also, can you clarify what version of IN we need to be running (I’m running 4.4.4).

Apologies if this information is up somewhere. The mobile help docs seem to relate to the legacy app (I think).


It’s a bug, sorry for the trouble! We’ve just deployed a new version with a fix. If you try logging in with invalid credentials you should see the options.

Note: the mobile app requires the latest version of the web app.

Thanks Hillel. I just installed it before your update. After updating I am presented with the self host login option. I’ll need to update my install before testing.

Interested to see your use of Google Flutter as I’m just starting to look at that at the moment.


I’m a big fan of Flutter, if you’re interested I’ve actually written a blog series on it.

That’s really helpful as I’m just messing up the install on Windows now. Will have a read.

Quick question - can you develop (and emulate) the iOS app within the windows set up?

Looking to develop both Android and iOS, ideally on the one development machine.

I’m not sure, I haven’t tried.

I developed the app on a Windows machine and mainly tested with the Android simulator.

Ok so you copied stuff over from your Mac flutter set up presumably, where you did the iOS app dev.

The beauty of a single codebase :slight_smile: There wasn’t much iOS dev work.

I have an older macbook I use for the builds and an iPhone to test with.

Ah so you started with the Android App, then used that for the iOS app. Sorry I’d imagined you did it the other way around. Get it now. Sounds just the ticket. Will continue to install/update the massive Android Studio then…

Nice, good luck!