New Feature: Late Fees

I feel this feature is definitely nice, but it’s difficult right now to tell. I set an amount on my 3rd reminder, but I can’t tell if this is an additional late fee tacked onto the invoice in addition to the second reminder?

I do my late fees by the amount of days late so this does require me to do math. I think this feature is fantastic but is limited. For a company that automatically charges $x on a certain day this is great.

So real world example: I charge $10 a day each day it’s late. I send out reminder 1 the day after it’s past the due date (No fee, just an email reminder). I send out reminder 2 within 3 days and reminder 3 within 6 days. Because the days are so close, the late fee will be more accurate, HOWEVER, I have to decide to set it on each reminder to be (IE: $10) on reminder 2 then ($40) on reminder 3 since technically a late fee of $10 will have already been added. The total at this point should be $50.

I think I know why it is limited in this way though. It would probably require an additional Artisan job to run each day to get the late fees added.

Let me know if I’m missing something with this.

If you set fees on the 2nd and 3rd reminders then both fees will be added to the invoice.

We typically start with a basic implementation and enhance features over time based on feedback. This was the simplest way for us to add the feature with our current codebase.

That’s what I thought. And totally understandable about adding a feature quickly. :slight_smile: It’s not perfect, but it does get at least some of the job done. I will make it work. I greatly appreciate the super fast response and friendly replies.