Need some help understanding a v5 dashboard

The easiest way to describe it is to show you screenshots:

This seems ok, I sent out an invoice for 107€ and it was paid.

However I cannot figure out where these 2 figures come from the R100 and the -R1461 - any hints on how these are calculated?

And if I look at “all currencies” the numbers make absolutely no sense. No idea where that huge figure of 2k€ comes from.

Maybe somebody can just explain all these figure please?


If you select a currency filter only invoices matching that currency will be shown.

If all is selected all invoices are shown and converted to the company currency.

ok, I get that but the sums don’t add up. 1€ is roughly R17

107€ + R100 = 112€
R1461 = 86€

so I have no idea how IN comes up with figures like 1.869€and 25.848€ - those figures are huge, this is a very small freelancing side business I wish I was making those figures with it :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks! It must be a bug, I’ll try to replicate it.

What currencies are your account and the client set to?

The IN settigns for this single company I run is set to EURO as default currency and I have clients being billed in EURO, USD and SOUTH AFRICAN RAND.

Thanks, I’ll try to replicate the problem.

Note: if the invoice has an exchange rate set it will be used rather than the current conversion rate. You can see the rate on the settings tab of the edit invoice page.

thanks for the hint, I guess that is the problem then. I just checked the 2 open invoices and they might be the culprit.

The problem is, I just did the migration from v4 to v5 and all invoices which have been migrated have the exchange rate set to 1.0 :frowning:
What to do now? Any way to mass-edit all invoices and remove the exchange rate? I don’t even remember v4 having such a field, at least I never used it.

I’m not sure that’s the problem, if the rate is 1 then the app should use the current exchange rate.

Oh, OK, I must have misunderstood then. in my env file I have set this variable so it should be working:


If it’s set and the crons are enabled then the app should load the current exchange rate on a daily basis. The rate would only be set for new invoices thought, not migrated ones.

this is a docker based selfhosted instance. from the docker logs I can see that the crons are running.

I guess I’ll wait until next month, leave all my recurring invoices set to Exchange Rate 1,00 and when the new invoices get sent out my dashboard should show correct values?

How exactly does this work? will the cron job edit my invoice and set the exchange rate as of the day the invoice was issued?

I think there may be a bug, we’ll look into it.

The exchange is used for standard invoices but I don’t believe would be set for recurring invoices.

OK, please update this thread if you have new information. I don’t really need or use any exchange in my daily usage of IN.

I was just confused by the IN v5 dashboard which was showing crazy numbers:

As long as the reports work and are correct (which they seem to be judging by the numbers) I am happy.

Thanks, that’s helpful. In your original post you mentioned there were two problems with the dashboard but from this it sounds like the dashboard is only incorrect when ‘All’ is chosen?

Yes, the dashboard seems incorrect when “ALL” is chosen apparently due to some exchange rate problem.

The second “issue” was me trying to make sense of the two figures in this screenshot.

What exactly is the top figure i.e. R100? Is that the sum of received payments filtered by this currency and within this period?

What exactly is the figure below: i.e. -R1461? Is that supposed to be the outstanding payments fitlered by this currency and within this period?


If my assumptions above are correct, the -R1461 makes no sense to me. I went and setup a filter that should show the same as this dashboard - there are only 2 invoices within this period and I have no idea where this -R1461 figure comes from :-/

The number below is the amount for the previous period also shown on the graph as the grey line. The percentage show the change between the two periods.

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Thanks, now it all makes sense so in this period I had -R1461 less payments that in the previous period.
I can see the indicators of current / previous on the right side and applied those to the graphs but the figures I was confused about had the same color, hence my confusion.

Thanks for clarifying.

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Another problem with the dashboard. This looks serious, how can I trust anything IN displays after this? All I did between the two screenshots was resize my browser :frowning:

Please advise.

Browser resized to cover half my screen:

Browser resized to cover my full screen.

I don’t understand the problem.

Note: please be respectful in your comments, if you don’t want to use the app you don’t have to…

I didn’t mean any disrespect. Sorry if it came across as such. I was just getting a bit irritated by this mix-up of currencies within IN.

The problem is that the currency, marked red on the right side of the screen changes between showing all € and showing the correct currency which is a mix of €, R and $

How can IN show me recent payments and then just swap currencies depending on the size of my browser window?

Please feel free to point out if its just me being dumb here.