Need more recurrences of invoice

We need a recurring invoice with 48 cycles - the max shown on the list is 36. Where (either settings or in the files) can I add additional cycles to the drop down list?

Thank you in advance


We can increase the number with the next release.

Thank you - would suggest up to 60.
I need to create a recurring with 48 repeats, perhaps if you could direct me to the file structure I can make the edit now prior to the update?

The code is here but the app is built with Flutter, you’d need to recompile the app to apply the change.

Thank you hillel,
Would you anticipate any issues if I simply create the recurring, then edit the recurring_invoices table in the database to the number I want for remaining_cycles?

If I can do that for now, then we’ll look forward to the next update.

Please advise

We generally advise against manually modifying the database, but if you make sure you have a backup in case there are any problems this is a pretty small change which should work.

Note: if you change it in the database you won’t be able to resave the invoice in the app until the next release when the value appears in the dropdown.

OK gave it a shot and it is showing properly after re-loading the invoices page. Will look forward to the next update.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for adding this to the latest update - much appreciated. You guys are great, and thank you for being so responsive to the community!

Of course, thanks for the suggestion!