need help with building new payment gateway integration

Im looking to integrate a new payment gateway integration
the gateway has full documentation and full php sources. and has sandbox
here is the link
can someone here help?

You’d need to find or create an Omnipay driver

thx for the info, its very good to know its already supported, just wondering if Im on a shared hosting platform can I still perform the composer command or I need root access??

I assume it would depend on your web host.

Lucky me didnt have to create a post :slight_smile:

ok so kinda on the right track.

I see that the provider I want to test with has branch :

Can I test with using the similar setup with Payfast config and change accordingly.

Once and tested successfully how does one get it to be added to the list of payment providers?

I’m mot sure I understand how it relates to Payfast?

Sorry, you’d need to use this with a self host install. We aren’t currently adding any more gateways to the app.