Need help sorting out docker and IN issues

Hi there,

I have been happily running IN for a couple of years on docker with docker-compose. Unfortunately, when I started using it I knew little about docker so I was pulling this image: image: invoiceninja/invoiceninja without a tag

today I updated and things broke as the latest image as I found out has heavily changed. I then looked into the latest image I had previously pulled without a tag and it said 4.5.17

so I now went back and use image: invoiceninja/invoiceninja:4.5.17 and am getting back my dashboard but still have the following problems:

  • in my dashboard:
    A new version of Invoice Ninja is available. You’re running v4.5.16, the latest is v4.5.17

this is nonsense, my docker-compose states:
image: invoiceninja/invoiceninja:4.5.17

  • I also just bought the white label extension and the dashboard still says:

Your white label license has expired, please consider renewing it to help support our project.

Can somebody please explain the way forward so that my IN instance gets to a stable and updated version while staying usable?

I kinda need an upgrade path and how to proceed please.


The Docker file is managed by the community, for help with it I suggest creating an issue on the GitHub repo.

If you need help applying a white label license please email

OK, thanks, I will try my luck on github then

for reference, if somebody find this thread here is the github issue: