Narrowing report scope

When I run a report on Customers and sort by balance due I get all invoices from the beginning of time even $0 balance paid invoices. Is there a way to eliminate these? I don’t really need to see the total amount for years before, maybe just the current fiscal year or this month etc.

When running an Invoice report and selecting age, is there a way to eliminate all the $0 balance paid invoices there?

A report with clients with balances listed with a column for 0-30, 30-60, 60-90 and 90+ with just one line per customer with the total they have in each age group would be handy as a report that could be exported.


The first row in the report can be used to filter the data. For numeric columns you can enter a min-max range, ie. 0-100

Feel free to create issues here to request new features in the admin portal:

I’ll think up a couple new ideas and put them there…

The current system is not right either though.

When I run the invoices report and select age and put last June as the start date and today as the end date it shows the headings for 0-30, 30-60 etc. The 120+ heading shows 2 invoices indicated by (2) which is correct as there are 2 invoices that are very overdue. When I expand that heading nothing shows up in the list. So I collapse the 120+ category and expand the 0-30 category and there are over 900 invoices almost all of them paid that actually show on the list. Why would I want to see paid invoices dating back to last June in the 0-30 category? I would think this report would be to show only unpaid invoices to get an idea of where your receivables are at.

I would assume there are people who use the report to view paid invoices as well.

We could add an “Is paid” column to the report to make it easier to filter out paid invoices.

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I agree and I get the report says invoices which would imply all invoices but a report for age usually implies that you would want to see just outstanding balances. Also the issue with the 2 invoices that are 120+ that is shows the (2) but doesn’t show them when you expand the heading.

It isn’t a report for age, it’s an invoice report which has an optional age field.

That could be a bug, I’ll look into it.

I guess with the behavior that your stating also is wrong because all the paid invoices I don’t want to see show up in 0-30 regardless of age which makes no sense anyways.

It may make sense to add a separate ‘Paid’ option to the grouping to separate out the paid invoices.

That would be great if you could select to only show “unpaid” that is.

It’s currently possible by setting 0.01 as the filter for the balance column, we’ll also add an “Is paid” column to make this easier.

Thanks for the feedback!

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This is the other issue that I mentioned…
It shows 2 invoices in 120+ but not when you expand the category.

Thanks for the screenshots!