Name change in invoice email

Hi community,

Would it be possible to keep my company name (written in the Company Details part), but have my personal name in the invoice email? I notice some distrust from clients…

Would be great if there is a way :slight_smile:


Sorry, I don’t think it’s possible. You’d need to change the code.

Ok thanks for this!

Another option would be that I change the company name into my own. But would I be able to change it on the invoice itself? It’s important I keep my business name there for bank details/transfers.

Is this possible?

That’s an option, you can change field shown on the invoice on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Fields.

Thanks! I fixed it in a bit different way, all good now :slight_smile:

You are not restricted to creating custom subject lines and file names at the document type level. … The most important part of your invoice email is the subject line. … Click Edit to change or add email addresses, or change the sending method … by followers uk