Mysteric invoices in Client Dashboard + Mail


I’m occuring some strange behaviour with the Client’s Dashboard and mailing.
In the Client’s Dashboard some invoices are shown even if they don’t belong to the client. So Invoice I belongs to Client X but is shown at Client Y in the Dashboard and Client Y gets a mail about Invoice I too. In my admin dashboard everything is fine, so there is no Invoice I with Client Y.

I do have checked in the DB, if I ask for all the invoices with the ID of Client Y the Invoice is not shown, but in the Client’s Dashboard it is…

Are you using or are you self hosting?

Self hosted version :slight_smile:

Which version are you running?

I updated today but the problem occurs from the beginning on, 2.6.X

Are you seeing new instances of the problem or just the earlier one?

It’s possible this was a bug which has since been resolved.

You can run the command php artisan ninja:check-data to check the integrity of your data.

Okay, I hoped I solved it by setting up a new instance of Invoice Ninja.
But now the option to add a second company isn’t available anymore? Or where is it located?

If you click your name in the top right you should see a add or manage companies option.