My install got borked after v5.4.4 upgrade

Outside of minor issues, when I switched to the new React interface i got the white screen of death and posted about it here: White Screen of Death on React Interface after 5.4.4 upgrade. Now the issue I am seeing is the invoice ninja screen is asking for me to setup my install again and I do not know why. Please help.

This is an existing install with data and I don’t know what happened. I did try to restore the DB from a backup and that did not work and resulted in the same interface.


Have you tried manually changing back to the Flutter app?

@david do you have any thoughts?

Hi Yes and it did not work. I am not sure why as I followed your instructions.

Can you confirm the database credentials are correct in the .env file

Also, please try running php artisan optimize

Confirmed and ran that command as well.

Same result.

I just built another test install and setup went fine with that. I then restored my backup to that DB and immediately sent my install into setup mode again. So something happened to the DB and then my backup which run at midnight every night.

Ok, @david may have some more suggestions.


Are there any messages in the logs files in storage/logs ?