My favourite error is back: error 500 when creating PDFs

I think the best option here is to setup a fresh installation using the release file from here:

Once it has been configured, i would then suggest moving the .env file from your current setup over to the new installation.

Once that has been run in the browser go to

Thanks David.

I feel we’re just going round and round here…

I’ve uploaded the zip file, changed the PHP version to 8.1 and I’m just getting the exact same error message as before.
‘Error 500’.

Please check storage/logs for details about the error

Only file in that folder is the .gitignore

In that case please check the web server error logs, there should be more details somewhere about the 500.

There’s nothing in the error logs either.

@david do you have any ideas?

We need to understand the error that is being thrown, to do this, you’ll want to ensure in the .env file that APP_DEBUG=true

The errors will bubble up to the screen, if the errors are still not appearing you’ll want to inspect the system PHP error file in /var/log/

Just came here for same problem, I had to do BOTH: