Multiple client addresses

It is quite often to issue the invoice and possibly send a hardcopy to a primary client address, but deliver the invoice’s items to a separate address. Just as an example, if the client has its main offices separate from the manufacturing site(s).
These two addresses must appear in the invoice.
It seems that this capability is not supported. Can you think of any workaround? Or add it in a future version?

Have you tried using custom fields?

Alternatively, you could add the second address in the client’s public notes. This would prevent having to enter it each time as a custom field.

The public notes could work as a workaround.
But a permanent and much more usable solution would be to have other addresses added with contacts assigned to these addresses. If there is enough interest in adding such functionality, I could provide you with a more detailed description.

We’re considering adding an optional second address in the future (ie. for shipping) but it’s more likely it will be at the client level rather than per contact.

That’s what I meant. A client could have alternate addresses, besides the headquarters. But these addresses should have their own contacts assigned.

We’re not likely to support assigning contacts to alternate addresses, it would be too complicated to implement. The usual request we get is to support a second address for shipping/delivery, we wouldn’t need to assign contacts to a particular address.