Multipage documents - footer on the last page only

Is there a way to display footer section only on the last page of a multi-page document/ or one part of the footer?

I can’t seem to see the settings for that …

And how about page numbers?


@david is this supported?

I don’t think the page number is supported.

Yes you can prevent the recurring footer, it should be as simple as renaming the class name in the “Footer” tab of the design:

<div class="repeating-footer" id="footer">
   <p data-ref="total_table-footer">$entity_footer</p>

            // Clear up space a bit, if [product-table, tasks-table, delivery-note-table] isn't present.
            document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
                let tables = [
                    'product-table', 'task-table', 'delivery-note-table',
                    'statement-invoice-table', 'statement-payment-table', 'statement-aging-table-totals',
                    'statement-invoice-table-totals', 'statement-payment-table-totals', 'statement-aging-table'

                tables.forEach((tableIdentifier) => {

                    document.getElementById(tableIdentifier)?.childElementCount === 0
                        ? document.getElementById(tableIdentifier).style.setProperty('display', 'none', 'important')
                        : '';


If you change the repeating-footer class to something else, that should be all that is needed.


Thank you Guys, Brilliant!

@david btw where do I find this … in my design there is no such thing.

i see it now … the premade layouts have been updated … yet i have a custom layout … is there a way to track these changes to styling and structure so that i can keep updated my custom design ?


It is all very primitive at the moment, I am going through all the designs at the moment and doing another pass to improve them. Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to help track custom designs with the default designs.

One way possibly is to monitor this location in the repo:

you’ll be able to see the delta’s in there for any changes to the base designs.

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