Multi-currencies management

Hello there!

We have 2 branches, one in Chilean pesos (CLP) and one in Mexican pesos (MXN).
I know I can setup default currency per client.
Now, how can I make it so reports are shown in a third currency, which should be USD$ for a consolidated view?

Any workaround for this?

Thanks in advance!



Maybe you can set your company to the third currency on Settings > Localisation

Hey ,
I have tried that but on reports and invoce listings it shows on local currency for each clients

Sorry, not sure I’ll be able to help then.

This should work better in v5.

Im going to test v5 soon, should work like you told me ?


If it doesn’t it’s something we’d consider adding.

It would be great, very useful for businesses with multiple countries operations, were the common currency for reports can be USD

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Hey there!

To make sure we put this on the to-do list at some point, please open the issue on GitHub.


Hi, just wanted to elaborate my testings on v5 onto this issue:

  1. My main currency is USD

  2. I did an invoice in CLP$ adding the Exchange Rate to $730, meaning 1 USD = $730 CLP

  3. My expected behavior would be to see all other areas in the app, showing numbers converted to USD, as it is my main company currency. Ideally showing local (CLP) and converted to USD amounts.

This mean, you can use the invoicing system to use it with all local branches the company has, with different currencies but with high value reports were you can see everything normalized as the “big” numbers of the company.

Then finally, we can do this, 2 clients, in 2 different countries, with different currencies, shown in USD in reports, so you know how much the company as a whole is selling

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep it in mind.

Hey, I have added it in here

Hey, I have added it in here