Multi-Client Dropdown in Client Portal Confusing Users

When a client portal user has access to the invoices of multiple clients (hosted v5) the IN Client Portal presents a dropdown button on the top right hand side that allows the user to switch between clients. While this button does function, it is confusing users because there is no label indicating its purpose, nor does it give any indication of what is currently being displayed in the portal.

Currently, when a user (connected to multiple clients) logs into the Client Portal they are immediately shown an invoice list for the “default” client. The question is “which client?”

As shown in the altered screenshot above, the dropdown button displays our company name, when it should, instead, display the name of the client whose invoices are currently being displayed. Furthermore, if you use it to switch between clients, it blinks and the data refreshes, but it continues to display our company name, instead of the name of the newly selected client whose invoices are now being displayed.

As a result, you’re forced to select the dropdown button repeatedly to be certain of which client’s invoices are actually being displayed. However, because there is no highlighting for the selected item in the dropdown menu, and no “selected state” is provided by the button, you can only verify which client is being displayed by selecting the dropdown menu item for that client again.

There is also a lot of unneeded repetition of our company name as a suffix in the dropdown menu list. They already know they’re accessing our invoices. They just logged into our branded portal on our domain and they can see our branding (if you squint your eyes) in the upper left. So, the next important thing would be to let them know exactly what it is that they’re currently viewing - especially when there is more than one possibility or choice available.

In summary, what you’re viewing should be obvious when you arrive and you shouldn’t need to do anything to understand what you’re being shown.More specifically, the dropdown button should always display the name of the currently selected client. This eliminates confusion for portal users and adheres to standard user interface design guidelines.

If I have overlooked some pre-existing setting or preference that might resolve this, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope IN will consider this functional update request, as this, and the odd display of logos in the portal, are the only two sore points for us remaining in an otherwise awesome product offering!


@david can you please advise?

It should probably look something more like this: