Moving InvoiceNinja

We currently have IN installed in a subdirectory of our main domain name. We would like to create a subdomain, install IN using softaculous installer and then migrate the data from the subdomain to the new install.

Are there instructions out there for this type of move?

I know that we’ll need to backup the database, the php files from the current install. I would then complete the install for the new subdomain, overwrite the php files and copy over the database contents from the “old” database to the “new” database. I assume that somewhere in the “config” files I will need to update the domain it’s using.

Is there anything else I might be missing?

All the relevant settings like database access, mail driver, URL, etc. are located in .env. Should be able to just change those once you copy everything over.

As long as your http server is pointing to /ninja/public, you should be good to go after that.

(Disclaimer: I’m just a user, etc.)

OK. Completed the installation of the new subdomain version of IN. Interesting thing is that it installed version 4.4.4 but our live version is 4.4.3 and does not alert me that there is an upgrade waiting.

Can I force the upgrade to 4.4.4 or simply overwrite the files from 4.4.3 on to the 4.4.4 installed version without any issues?

Sounds like you did a clean install and then copied over your backups, which overwrote the 4.4.4 install with your 4.4.3 backup.

But if everything’s working, you should be able to update like you normally would and be done with it. All the important settings and info are either in your .env file, or your database, neither of which are touched by updates.