Module Development for V5

Is there any decent documentation (or a sample module) for those that may wish to want to develop an add-on module for V5+? The V4 sample does not apply any longer.

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Hey there. At the moment, nope. But we’re constantly working on documentation for v5, so this will arrive at some point definitely.

Can you walk us thru what are you interested in building, maybe we can help at the moment?

What do you think @david?


We haven’t started work on this, but I have a rough idea of what I’d like to implement. I would assume that module development would be their own encapsulated entity containing all backend and frontend code. We already include the fantastic module builder


which is perfect for this.

The only part which we would need to develop internally is a authenticaion system to break the user OUT of the Flutter application and into the Module transparently, and also the module registration code to allow the Flutter application to register the available modules and provide in app links for a user to click on.

If you are interested in helping to build something like this out we can flesh out the specifics and help from our end.

cc @hillel

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Any update on documentation or an example module?

I have no experience with Flutter but from my understanding the entire app would have to be rebuilt in order to add modules to it? appose to just uploading a new directory to the src code? Just curious of what the development / module development work-flow would be.

I don’t have any specific ideas but just like to tinker. eg i’d like to see if i can change it so my logo is white when darkmode is enabled because at the moment it is black on black in the company dashboard. Minor thing but i’d like to see what I can do about it, wether its as simple as changing some css so I can make it white, or even expand functionality to make it so we can upload 2 logos, for light and dark theme use.

Great work btw, loving Invoice Ninja


We working on a React based frontend for v5, I imagine it will be easier to add custom modules to.