Mobile View - major errors

Hi guys,

Quotes that are emailed out with a button to open the client portal view are coming up on mobile looking like this:

Two things wrong with this:

  1. There should be item names and descriptions for the line items
  2. That balance makes zero sense at all - these are quotes, there have been no payments made, and on the pdf version of the quote everything is as it should be, with all of the post-line item charges listed.

How do I make the mobile view of the client portal quote match the desktop version?

Thank you,



@david can you please advise?


Apologies for this. It looks like you use the product key as the description for your line items, to preserve space, we only show the description. We’ve updated the logic to show the product key value if no description is set, so your quote will appear as expected now. We’ve also removed the balance field from quotes in the mobile view.

Awesome @david, thank you.

Is it possible also to have the fees also show on the mobile view?

And/or make the PDF button more obviously an option to see more detail?