Mobile task timing not syncing with web

I use the mobile app for time tracking and the web for invoicing. After the v5 upgrade, the time tracking for tasks no longer updates the web interface. Both have all the times tracked from before the upgrade. But what I enter on the mobile app is no longer reflected in the web app.

How can I reestablish syncing of data?


It sounds like you may be using the v4 version of the mobile app, you can download the v5 versions here:

Okay, fair enough. I just updated the web app when it asked me to. I didn’t realize the mobile app had forked.

So since I’ve been using the v4 mobile app for time tracking, how do I get that data out of the v4 app and into the v5 one? I don’t see any sort of obvious export function.

Sorry, importing/exporting tasks isn’t currently supported.

Ugh. Manual entry it is then…