Mobile Friendly Customer Portal


Is there a way to make the customer portal mobile friendly, such that the tables and invoices are readable in a mobile web browser? I know there is a mobile app for the admin side. I need this to be for the customer side and in a web browser, as I’m embedding IN into my website. Has anyone developed invoice templates and portal settings / code modifications for this?


The tables could definitely be improved on mobile.

The invoices are PDFs, how do you see the presentation being improved?

So it sounds like it’s not be done yet? For tables, I’d think less columns, larger text and a total width that fits on a mobile device. As the tables are now, their minimum width is greater than will fit on a mobile screen and navigation requires horizontal scrolling. For invoices, I’d say less text, larger text.

This has not been implemented, feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo.

After looking around the code, creating a mobile friendly version of the client web interface is beyond me. At interest in adding this as a feature to be implemented?

Feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo.