Mobile doesn't work

Self hosted.

There’s nothing in the storage/logs folder.

The sync is all kind of screwed up. First I created an expense on mobile, and a vendor. They both showed up right away on desktop. But then I went to Settings > refresh and my expense went away. It wouldn’t come back, even after 10 minutes. I created more stuff on desktop, and they won’t show in Mobile.

After like half an hour one of my expenses showed up on mobile, but not all of them.

It’s definitely unusable if it’s not going to sync in real time.

The mobile app does not provide real time sync. The data is refreshed on its own every 15 minutes or you can manually refresh data using the “pull to refresh” option on the list view.

The behavior you’re describing clearly sounds incorrect, can you confirm both the phone and server are set to the correct time and the web app hasn’t been changed from UTC.