Mobile App - Crashes on PDF

Hello again

Thank you for the web app and mobile app update. Makes life much more convenient.

I have:-
Web 4.5.14
Mobile 0.1.45

updated them both today.

Just some background. I never could use the PDF function on obile app menu.

Specifically when I created a quote/invoice and uploaded it, afterwards if I used the menu and selected PDF it opened a broswer window on my mobile device with… but never loaded.

Now after update when I click PDF it crashes the app.

We changed the PDF renderer in the latest version of the mobile app to show the PDF in the app directly rather than use Google Drive to display it.

My guess would be the same problem which caused Google Drive to fail is also crashing the app, does changing the invoice design or removing the logo help?

I can try that later today if you need me to for testing purposes. (my current time here is 06:49am and I was working all night.

    My logo is 204kb. Which is 4kb over the recommended size.
    I am using the playful invoice template which is the most colorful template.
For a workaround what I have been doing is using the menu and selecting client portal. After I started using client passwords the client portal took me to the clients portal and just asked for a password. Either I input there password or I input mine and it logs me to there portal where I just have to click download for the pdf.

OK I have removed the logo. And used a clean template to create a quote.

The app generated the pdf.

But there is no option to save it or share it.
It takes me to a window with the pdf inside. I can zoom into the pdf using two fingers.
The only button on screen is a back arrow on the top left which takes me back to the quote screen.

Thanks, that’s helpful to know. The next step would be checking if it’s the logo or design which is the problem.

Yeah… that’s current design. You can use the ‘Client Portal’ option to download the PDF until the next release.

Answer: Logo

Pdf created using playful template and 44kb logo.

I’ll eagerly await the next release