Mobile App 0.1.45 Invoice/Quote Sorting Error

Hello again

I updated my web app and mobile app today.

When viewing a list of quotes or invoices at the bottom left is a sort icon.
Now how this worked before the update was that I would click once for it to expand.
Then the options are (quotes as an example)
Quote number
Quote date
Valid until

If I click one let’s say quote date then under that it says ascending.
Before update if I clicked it again it changed to descending and the sort order changed.

That no longer happens.

It stays on ascending for both quotes and invoices.

So order by date leaves me with last year’s invoices first. ?

And my system of numbers hasn’t always been the same so document number doesn’t help me.

Please see if it’s possible to reproduce error and advise me.

(unfortunately can’t screen record on my mobile device, hope you understand)

Thank you


Does sorting work for other entity types?

Tested payments, Clients, Products.

Ok, thanks. We’ll look into it in our next release…