Missing payment button in V5


I’ve installed V5 and did a migrate from V4.5.33 and there where no errors.
When I look at my configuration on both sites I see that in V4 in the email templates I have a paymentButton but I can’t find it in V5 is this correct.

Can you help me


I’m not sure if it’s supported yet in v5.

cc @david @ben

For reference I believe you’re referring to adding a variable in the email template which takes the client directly to the payment page rather than the PDF.

Yes that correct, in V4 I have a payment button the code is $paymentButton.

Can you tell me when it will be supported

Sorry, we aren’t able to provide ETAs.

That said we try to prioritize any missing v4 features to have full parity.

I’ve got this in my backlog.


In V5 the $view_link uses the Button by default.

if you would prefer the link you could use