Missing functions for user

Users have the rights to see everything, but not everything is available. Why are functions like “Supplier”, “Offers”, … are not displayed?


What do you mean by supplier and offer/which language are you using?

This is a screenshot of the app with login as a user whose language is set to “German”. The user has permission for “Quotes”, “Credits”, “Projects”, … (right screen) but these are not displayed (left screen).

These modules aren’t yet supported in the React web app, you’d need to use either the Flutter web app or desktop app.

Via the desktop app it is actually displayed for users (even in the correct language).

But why is it shown for the main user (Settings → User data) also in the browser and not for additional users (Settings → User management)?

There are two web apps: Flutter and React

The Flutter web app supports all modules, the React web app does not yet.

We’re working on it…