Migration to v5 failure

I am a cloud user of v4. I followed the procedures as outlined…the system told me migration had completed…but everything is blank. any ideas?


Maybe you need to change companies using company selector in the top left corner?

after several migraion problems and the interface issues i deleted my v5 account…

If you’re able to share specific problems you’re seeing with the v5 interface we’d be happy to help resolve them.

We’re currently working to improve the migration process to make it more seamless.

Hi, I have just done the migration but my new v5 account is empty, can you help? The confirmation email said no errors and all was completed. many thanks, Lauren.

How many companies do you see listed in the top left company selector?

Hi, Just one there at the moment. Oops, I am sorry, I just clicked on the company name and everything showed up. I am not very technical and didn’t even think to click on the name, thought it was already showing. Thank you for responding to me so fast :slight_smile:

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