Migration of expenses not possible


I have a problem with the migration of my expenses. I got this error via mail.

What to do?

Missing resource key: vendors_5
Missing resource key: vendors_5


Is it possible vendors have been manually deleted from the database?


I looked at the old v4 database a vendor with ID 5 is present.
Is there a possible check script to validate, that all needed vendors are present?
Is there a possibility to migrate the expenses w/out this vendor or what should I do?

Does vendors_5 means vendor with the ID 5 or 5 vendors are missing?

@david can you please advise?


When we see these kinds of errors it usually means that some changes have been made to the database.

To work around this. You’ll want to find these expenses that reference this missing vendor and correct the data in the v4 UI, and then reattempt the migration.

ok, the vendor of these expenses should be empty in the v4 UI?

I found one expense in UI v4 without a vendor. Added one and retried the migration. Same error.

Used the check:data cli command and got this error:

1 expenses records with incorrect vendor account id

What is the easiest way to find this entry?

I found the wrong entry