Migration from v4 to v5

Hi there,

Ive installed V5 and am trying to migrate my data from my v4, however, it doesnt seem to be working.

I’ve done everything as per the documentation:

  • same base username and password etc

Ive setup the company name on v5 and then in v4 i go to the migrate option and through all the screens, i enter my login and password, it shows the company (and some other random company for some reason, Im assuming this is some default that is entered into the db upon installation?).

In the logs i can see that the call to the api comes in, but none of the data ever comes…
[2020-10-02 15:15:53] production.INFO: POST - https://ninja.domain.xyz/api/v1/migration/start/Wpmbk5ezJn: 14 queries - 0.74439978599548

I dont see any log errors in the v4 logs either…

Not sure what im doing wrong?

Any assistance would be great.


Hello & thanks for installing Invoice Ninja!

Do you have cronjobs configured?