Migration from 2.5.X to 2.6

Good Morning,

I’m in the process of trying to move our Inv Ninja installation from a shared hosting space (ASO) (originally installed using Softaculous) to a BitNami VM (Google Cloud) and have run into a couple of issues.

  • The current installation (ASO) is running, but cannot seemingly be upgraded due to PHP version requirement conflicts.

  • I’ve dumped the Inv Ninja database out via phpmyadmin and am attempting to import it into the mysql db instance residing on the BitNami VM. The new VM is hosting Inv Ninja 2.6.X.

I believe the version conflict and associated DB changes are likely where most of the issues are coming from, but would appreciate confirmation of this and/or guidance on how to best resolve. When I run the DB import on the new VM, it almost immediately begins erroring out and indicates that either records already exist with the same key value, or that it can’t find columns from the original DB export/dump.

Seems I’ve come to a bit of a crossroads here. Is there any way to import the data, but have it “ignore” any errors that may be encountered? OR, any other type of hammer to throw at it? :wink:

Love Inv Ninja and just want to get to the latest version, on a supportable platform, preferably without having to re-create all the data with manual entry…



Before you do anything else you should make sure you meet the minimum PHP requirement.

When moving the database you’ll want to do a full dump (schema and data) to the new server.

Given that it’s the BitNami Invoice Ninja image, I am presuming it’s at the proper PHP revision level. 5.6.X, I believe…

So, just to clarify - Should I delete the ‘bitnami_invoiceninja’ DB completely, prior to trying to import the full DB dump? Or, should an import of the DB dump into ‘bitnami_invoiceninja’ succeed?

Just tried it w/ the existing DB from the image and am seeing this error:

#1054 - Unknown column ‘pro_plan_paid’ in ‘field list’”

Thanks again for your assistance.


You may need to load /update (or /public/update) to run the database migration to update the schema to the latest version.

Ok, does this need to be done on the source environment, or the new
environment? ( New being the Bitnami VM, already running Ninja 2.6)

Alternatively, if we decided to go the hosted route, could we simply send
you the DB export and let your staff determine how to pull in the existing



You’ll want to load /update in the new environment.

In our next release (in about 10 days) we’ll support importing clients, invoices and payments from self hosted installations.