Migration Button is missing from v4.5.34

Hi Guys,

I have deployed a new instance of v5.1.53 under Softaculous.
On my old instance v4.5.34 running on Softaculous as well, there is no button for migration.
Could you please advise?



Maybe you aren’t logged in as the account owner?

Note: there is a newer version of v4 with fixes to the migration.

Thank you Hilel, correct for the migration, I was not logged in as the account owner.
For the v4, I am running the instance under Softaculous on Namecheap Hosting and I don’t have any update for that one. I can see that the latest is 4.5.38, right? Is much of an issue if I proceed with the 4.5.34?

You can try but if you run into any problems we’ll ask you to upgrade before we can help

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Hi there,

I have upgraded to the latest version 4.5.38 and when I start the migration I receive the below error:

[2021-05-04 14:48:57] production.ERROR: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded {“userId”:1,“exception”:"[object] (Symfony\Component\ErrorHandler\Error\FatalError(code: 0): Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded at /vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Concerns/HasAttributes.php:1131)
#0 {main}

Do you have a large dataset/are you able to try increasing the timeout?

My DB is very small, no even 10MB. Are you referring to PHP max_input_time ?

I think it’s max_execution_time

@david may have some more info

Correct I have increased that to 60 seconds, now i can see “Migration has started. We’ll update you with status, on your company e-mail.”. 20 minutes and still no update. I am checking in the database and I can see that there are no any new entries being updated on the new v5 DB. However in the longs I see the below:
[2021-05-04 15:22:13] production.INFO: Importing account
[2021-05-04 15:22:13] production.INFO: Importing company
[2021-05-04 15:22:13] production.INFO: the path
[2021-05-04 15:22:13] production.INFO: Importing users
[2021-05-04 15:22:13] production.INFO: Importing payment_terms
[2021-05-04 15:22:13] production.INFO: Importing tax_rates
[2021-05-04 15:22:13] production.INFO: Importing clients
[2021-05-04 15:22:16] production.INFO: Importing company_gateways
[2021-05-04 15:22:16] production.INFO: Importing client_gateway_tokens
[2021-05-04 15:22:16] production.INFO: Importing vendors
[2021-05-04 15:22:16] production.INFO: Importing projects
[2021-05-04 15:22:16] production.INFO: Importing products
[2021-05-04 15:22:16] production.INFO: Importing credits
[2021-05-04 15:22:16] production.INFO: Importing invoices
[2021-05-04 15:22:43] production.INFO: Importing recurring_invoices
[2021-05-04 15:22:43] production.INFO: Importing quotes
[2021-05-04 15:22:45] production.INFO: Importing payments
[2021-05-04 15:22:52] production.INFO: Importing expense_categories
[2021-05-04 15:22:52] production.INFO: Importing task_statuses
[2021-05-04 15:22:52] production.INFO: in task statuses
[2021-05-04 15:22:52] production.INFO: finished task statuses
[2021-05-04 15:22:52] production.INFO: Importing expenses
[2021-05-04 15:22:52] production.INFO: Importing tasks
[2021-05-04 15:22:52] production.INFO: Importing documents
[2021-05-04 15:22:53] production.INFO:
[2021-05-04 15:22:56] production.INFO:
[2021-05-04 15:22:59] production.INFO: latest version = 5.1.60
[2021-05-04 15:22:59] production.INFO: Completed����� at 2021-05-04 15:22:59

Maybe you need to switch companies in v5?

The info here may help:


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wow yeah what a dummy :stuck_out_tongue: I can see that it has created another entry. Thank you Hillel for the prompt help.

Glad to hear it’s working!

You are not alone, it was my first suggestion… We plan to make the migrated company the default in a future release.

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I am noticing a lot of inconsistencies with the data on the new v5. A lot of products does not have any price, tax are missing, PDF Invoice template Issue, not able to generate PDF (Unauthorized access to document requested), wrong Invoice Number, etc. Any clue?

These sound separate different problems.

The v4 PDF templates are not supported in v5, we’ve changed to an HTML/CSS bases system which is much easier to use. This is covered a bit in the videos below.

There’s info about PDF generation here:

@david any thoughts on the migration problems with products?


Can you show an example row from the v4 products and compare to the v5 products.

A screenshot from both Databases will do?

V4 Product Table:

V5 Product Table:

V4 Product Item:

V5 Product Item:

I noticed that on the v5 database on many items, the “cost” column price from the v4 table copied only to v5 table “cost” column but not “price” column.

v4 doesn’t have a price column

I don’t see any columns that are missing data from the screen shot shown?

Hi David,

Please see below for more items in the v5 products table, as you can see some “cost” fields were duplicated to the “price” fields as well and some not.

Hi David,

Any idea why this behavior occurred?