Migrating v4 data without PHP 7.3 (Debian 11)

File this one under, don’t try to get there from here but alas here I am.

Is there a method to get historical v4 data into v5 without a functioning v4 instance?

Debian 11 removed php7.3 (php version dependancies are the bane of every Debian upgrade I’ve done)

I have the v4 database, (which co-incidentally if you use the default named ‘ninja’ database with v4 and try to install v5, it will fail in all sorts of strange ways) sqldump.

Is there an easier way than firing up a Debian 10 VM, doing a reinstall of v4 and trying to do the migration from there?


We plan to release a new version of v4 soon with support for PHP 7.4 if you don’t mind waiting a bit. The code is available now on GitHub if you’re able to use it.

Oh that is such good news!

I can wait, thankfully I am a sole propritor and this isn’t mission critical.

Hi @hillel,

I see there is a new release on github for v4 that supports php7.4 but ready to install complied zip. Is it possible to get a release zip?