Migrating to v5 - Two instances?

I am currently using Invoice Ninja v4 Self Hosted on Debian and I know that support for v4 is coming to an end both having to do with PHP and larval. I am working on making the move now. I see that it’s recommended to use Ubuntu to host v5. I also see that there needs to be a new FQDN to proceed as well.

That’s all fine but I was wondering where that leaves my Debian system running v4? Do I have to keep that system running even after the upgrade indefinitely? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the upgrade and security issues with v4?

My apologies if I am missing something here and thanks in advance for your help.

Thank you,


Are you have migrated your data (and have confirmed everything has moved over as expected) You can remove the v4 instance completely.

We would always suggest keeping a DB backup of your v4 instance (+/- a JSON backup) just in case you ever need to refer back to your old data.

Thank you for your reply David! That makes sense. I’ll definitely make sure I back everything up and it’s working properly before removing the v4 instance.

Thanks again for your time!