Migrating to a new server. Things I should know?

OK. I have been fighting upgrading my current install. It is the following,

Ubuntu 14.04
mysql 5.5.57
PHP 7.0
apache 2.4
Invoice ninja 3.7.0

I have not been able to upgrade it with the script provided on the support forum. I have tried everything in the book with no success so I decided to take another approach. I setup a new server, It is the following,

Ubuntu 16.04
MariaDB 10
PHP 7.0
Nginx 1.10.3
Invoice Ninja 4.2.2

What should be the steps to migrate my database over including my whitelabel license that I have purchased. I have tried to do a DB dump and move it over but it didn’t work. I did a little reading and it seems to be an issue with mariaDB 10 not being compatible with MySql 5.5. So if anyone could help me with it I would greatly appreciate it. I’m not apposed to sending someone a raspberry pi or starbucks gift card. LOL

You should just need to transfer the database and the .env file.

What error are you seeing?

it would give me a login, then it would just go to a page that says “something went wrong” I posted the error to you and you replied that it was a database permissions error. I’m about to try it again.

Right, I remember now…

Have you tried testing the user’s database credentials from the command line?

I did. was able to login to the meriaDB but Invoice ninja wouldn’t work. I blow away that VM and reloaded it. I’m wondering if I copy the database from the old install before I complete the install of the new invoice ninja and then copy the .env file if that would work.

It should work…

ok, I’m at the part of the new installation where I have just installed composer and the next step is to rename example.env to .env. Should I stop there and import the DB from old install and copy over my old .env file?

Yes, if you want to use your existing DB you’ll need to also use your original .env file.

After “splicing” my install with data from old system it works!!!

Ok, just for anyone else here is what I did. for reference I used this howto.

at the point of the configuring DB, name the database with the name of your old one and duplicate all DB settings from old install.
then, copy over your old database onto your new server.

continue install until you get to renaming example.env, instead copy your .env file from your old one to the new ninja install. don’t edit your .env file like the instructions say, then go to next step (sudo php artisan migrate).
then skip next 2 steps !!!very important!!!

then when you edit your app.php (sudo nano config/app.php) copy your old key into it (it can be found in your .env file)

then complete the install as normal.

Happy to hear it’s working!

Note: I’d recommend against modifying config/app.php, it will be overwritten the next time you update. Instead, the config values should be in the .env file.

ok, good to know. I was just following the instructions I found. I’ll know next time.

Thanks for letting us know, I’ll follow with vultr.com to have it corrected.